St. Joseph Association (Phruso Parish)


    Its spiritual directress and foundress was Sr. Margaret, started on March 6, 1994 in Quarter No. (5) in Phruso. It was composed of fathers of families.
    The objectives of the association are to imitate St. Joseph, the spouse of Mary and the Father of Jesus in being a responsible Father, to follow the teaching of St. Joseph to the best of their ability, to be prepared for the inevitable old age, pains and death, to die well in God’s grace. Its missions are:

  1. To have annual recollection
  2. To have prayerful convention every 6 month.
  3. To have monthly prayer together.
  4. To recite the rosary at the homes of its members in the month of May.
  5. To pray for the dead at the funeral home.
  6. To go and pray at the homes of the faithful whenever invited.
  7. To pray with Legion of Mary